13. Lost

I looked at the mirror,
And I saw someone,
Who wasn’t me,
I looked so pale,
My eyes dull,
My wrists looked so fragile,
While my eyes shined with tears I hide.

I looked at the mirror,
And saw the one you made,
Now that I realise,
I lost myself,
I can’t find traces of me,
I can’t see my smile,
I can’t see my beauty,
I wish I had cherished deeply.

The mirror looked so familiar,
It looked beautiful,
Decorated with shells,
The reflection though
Didn’t make me feel,
Even slightly beautiful.

I see someone,
you made for yourself,
I see someone,
the society made for themselves,
I’m not happy though,
I want to go back to being me,
Who was silly and goofy,
Angry and confused,
Sweet and caring,
I want to see in the mirror,
And look at myself again.

© Tyler Wan