Writers block

Hey everyone, I am back after such a long time. And with this post, I’d like to talk about how I was unable to write anything, I couldn’t even find myself and the courage to write or post something, I was on a break longer than usual, I often took a break for a week or a day or two, however this one got extended and somehow I couldn’t even find myself to break myself of my habit, it was hard, daily I wished I could post something, yet I somehow always came empty handed, and didn’t post something. I wished to yet maybe I was just tossing it away while I was giving my exams and later on, when I tried coming back, I just couldn’t. While it may not seem like a huge deal to others, to me it seems bad, as I barely had a day I didn’t write at all.

Currently I’m still stuck in my writer’s block and unable to find the will to post often or maybe write often. While I wish you all to maybe give me ideas or guide me, I really wish I can come back out of my writers block, and write something at least. So if any of you have any suggestions or literally anything to tell, I’d really appreciate it.