4. Gone forever… Or mine forver.

I often end up wondering about death, and what ifs it might bring. Will it take me first or others around me. Noone knows. This poem I wrote once, shares an experience of a person losing their significant other and missing the warmth and love they once shared.

It’s raining here
But my thoughts are straying somewhere,
Somewhere where you are,
I can just see you in my head,
Singing loudly,
I still remember me chasing you in the rain,
So carelessly that I fell into a puddle
Then going home with you to cuddle.

I still remember the sweet words,
I can still remember us playing with fake swords.

It’s so weird, how the night changes,
Just yesterday you were mine to love, and
The next day you are gone,
It’s hard to get over you
It’s so hard to forget you,
It’s so hard to forgive you.

Forgive you for making me promise,
To promise to forget you and smile
To make someone else mine,
When you were the reason of my happiness to be on cloud nine.

I can’t forget what we had,
But I can’t make myself sad,
Because I know you are watching me,
From the clouds during day,
And becoming my beautiful star at night.

I’m so jealous now,
You were mine to look at,
The whole world looks at you now.

Is it okay for me to love you?
Is it okay for me to still love you?
Is it okay for me to want you,
Is it okay for me to still want you?
And wish for you to mutter I love you too!

I hate you, but I love you,
I love you, but I hate you,
You have my heart, how can I get over you?
I hate that I love you,
Because I know you became another star,
I still love you,
I want to hear it from you too,
I want you to want me too,
I want you to watch me too,
Like I watch you, Because I still love you
But now you can’t say I “love you too”. ┬ęTyler Wan