15. I wonder if

I wonder, if the stars hear the tales told by the trees,
Or if the sky stares at the sea,
I wonder if they share all their thoughts,
Or if they share all of what they see.

I wonder if the nature is as mysterious to each other,
As it is to us,
Or is it just us they are keeping in mystery.

I wonder if the tales ever get heard,
Or do they just get saved in its memories?

I wonder, sometimes, if I were the moon and you were the stars,
If he were the sun, and she was the land,
If they were the trees, and her was the sea,
Would we tell each other all the stories,
Or would we keep hidden all the things we see,
Would we let them know the touch of wind,
Or feel of light on the surface,
Of would we just stay silent, keeping each other in a mystery.
I wonder if…..